Vancouver Island (English)

18 november 2016 - Fort Frances, Canada

Sorry for the delay in my translations ,but hope the pictures speak for themselves.

We follow our way by HW 12.In this road there is also a part falling down,so one way left.The road is very curvy and go's up and down 14-16% up and down hill.Near Lilooet a nice vieuw over the lake and  a vieuw on the small passenger train on the other side and more uphill there were a vieuw bighornsheep grazing.In Pemberton we eat fish and ships .Our stop that night was by Nairn Falls and we walked the trail over here.One off the falls ends in a pothole and  the water goes underground to come later in the river again.Next day we visit Whistler a real wintersport resort.In 2010 they had the Olympic wintergames over there for al kinds of skiing The skating competition however was in Calgary.In Squamish we did some shopping before we take the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo (Vancouver Island).The Ocean is very calm and after 2 hours we disembark and drive to Parksville to visit Doris Valverde (a friend we meet together with her late husband Jose Valverde In Portugal)She offered us a place in the house but we refused,we are used to stay in our motorhome.Next day we visit together with Doris Coombs to see the goats on top of the roof and visit Port Alberni.On our way there was a tropic rainforest with the big Red Ceder trees.It was raining and to slippery to make a walk.Later that week we make a long walk at Qualicum Bay and visit the German Choir.We had some problems with the brakes,so we visit some repair shops.They only want replace the brake pads if we replace the rotors and calipers also,but there was nothing wrong with them.We waited for answers from our CAA (the Dutsch ANWB) and in the meanwhile we make a trip to the north part of the Island to Port Hardy.In Qualicum Beach we take HW19a to Funny Bay.Here we visit the Seals (sea lions) in the harbor.In Comax we make a walk along the pebble beach.We overnight on the parking of the Tripple Rock Trail (you can google for more details) They blow up some rock peaks under the sea surface,because they damaged several ships passing by.The trail is about 8 km (return),but up and down over small bridges and fallen trees.Beautifull trail and nature,differenttypes of moss and mushrooms.They warned for bears and cougars;we didn't know the word cougar ,but means Mountain Lion or Poema and can be very dangerous.After we came back we visit Port Mc Neill and Port Hardy.Here we make a walk to the Hatchery.One of the employe's told us to be aware of a bear with two cubs ,who came in every late afternoon to catch some fish over there.He invited us for the next day to visit the hatchery to see how everything was working.We agreed to visit next day and walk back over a campground to the motorhome.We were lucky and saw the beer and 2 cubs on the other side of the river and a Bold Eagle and his brown female sitting on a branch close to the river.We overnight at the parking of the Curling Ring and there was even a fresh water tap and dumpstation for RV's.Next day we visit the Hatchery.They fish the salmons in the river and later in the season in the lake and bring them to the Hatchery.They keep the adult male and female.They kill the mature egg female cut them and take the eggs out.Then they squeze out the seed of the male and bring the eggs and seed together.After birth they keep the young salmon in several fish ponds to grow up, before they get released in their habitat.The manager Lorraine Landry and here dedicated staff showed and learned us the finesses of the job and we are very gratefull to experience all this.Early in the morning we left Port Hardy to be in Parksville for the Octoberfest in the evening. We eat Sauerkraut with sausage and drink beer.Musik was playing and you could have a dance .Trijntsje take the Ugly Face out of the motorhome and supported the accordion music.Next day Karen and David, daughter and son in law from Doris, arrived from Kitimat BC.In the meanwhile we ordered some parts to repair the brakes.The ANWB in the Netherlands our travel insurance company send them over to Paksville.David and Karen like to show us some parts of the Island also:so we went to Chemainus were they have a lot of wall paintings (murals).In Duncan we visit the Totem Poles and in the evening we had dinner in Nanaimo with live music so we could dance.At saturdaay we visit the farmers market in Qualicum Beach and sunday we make a walk along the seaside in Parksville.David and Karen returned to the main land to visit his son,daughter in law and grandchild.We spend our days visiting fleemarkets and making hikes till our spare parts arrived.An RV repair shop in Parksville fixed every thing including the placement of 4 new winter tires in one morning;so the same day we make a test drive to Ucluelet to see the Pacific Ocean.It was still raining now and a while and windy In Port Alberni they were afraid the river would flood so they moved away 5 native familys living next to the river.On november 11 we say goodbye to Doris and take the ferry from Duke Point to Tsawwassan to travel from the west to Dundas in the east


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  1. Titi:
    22 februari 2017
    wat een leuke foto's van Holland!