From the west to the east (English)

10 december 2016 - Dundas, Canada

The ferry is no problem and we make our daily walk on the empty deck.Vancouver has at least three hanging bridges a lot of traffic,industry,tower blocks and shops.So we avoid the centre and take a shortcut to Maple Ridge and Hope.Hope is an old western town arised during the Gold Rush.Next day it's a little bit foggy when we enter the Rocky Mountains.We take the southern route through the Rocky's to avoid the snow. You see the place Osyoos a several times before you are in the place itself.It's laying in between two lakes and a lot of farms growing fruit and even some winerys along the road..We overnight in Grand Forks with a coupple of deer as our neigbours.We wake up early and hit the road to drive trough a few passes like Bonanza pass and Koolenay pass (1774 mtr) The weather is good to us only on the very top of the passes is some snow.We saw hikers with snowshoes and even a Bighornsheep.Our destiny for today is Sparwood were we visit the biggest dumptruck ever built used in the Mining Industry .When we passed the Crownest pass we leave the Rockys and enter the prairie.We take a stop in Fort Mc Cloud with a very nice old Fort and the Main street like in the earlier years.From here we take the Red Coat Trail HW 13,flat and a lot wheat fields.We saw some woolfs on a distace and sometimes we had to move over and stop because big farmers equipment and even a complete house take the whole road.We visit Holland with his mill and tullips.In Treherne they built some houses  ,a church and wishing well from empty bottles.At the bakery we buy some fresh bread It is getting colder now so we use our insulated winter covers on the windows Near  Winnypeg we get our first Flurry's (light snow showers) In front of Kenora there was a truck accident and they were busy to remove the load from the road and out of the remains of the trailer.From Kenora we take the 71 a very beautifull road along the lakes to Emo .Here we spent the night but the train was destroying our sleep by yelling around every half hour.In fort Francis it was heavy snowing so we stopped at Walmart and stay there for the whole day.Next day the sun is shining and we follow our way to Thunder Bay.Here lies about 30 cm snow,the wind is blowing and it is cold so we follow the road until Nipigon where we parked our motorhome out of the wind in addition to a container on the parking of Canadian Tire.We passed the most expensive bridge of Canada (after they built it was hanging out of the lead) and take several years to repair.We tried to get propane in Terrace Bay ,but there was no employe to menage so we get propane in Sault Ste Marie.Between Sudbury and North Bay we take a small chrismas tree out of the forest and we changed our motorhome in a small Chrismas Shopping Center before we went to Albert and Martha's place in Powassan.We were welcome as usual and they offered us a place in the house but we say thanks and sleep in our motorhome but enjoy taking a shower inside the house.we stayed for another day,making  a hike on the Berry trail and had dinner in a Thai restaurant.Next day we say goodbye to Albert and Martha and we continue our way to Dundas.In Barrie we did some shopping for St Nikolaas peppernuts and chocolate letters.In Erin we stay another night at the ijshockyarena before we went to Bert and Connie our relatives in Dundas


2 Reacties

  1. Marijke de Jong.:
    20 februari 2017
    Wat een reis en verhalen. Genieten weer elke dag. Dat doen we hier zo langzamerhand ook. deze wereld gaat zo snel en als je ouder wordt ha ha dan bepaal je zelf steeds hoe je het in wilt vullen. Mooi toch. De kleinkinderen komen alle drie hier halverwege de week. Wij zien er erg naar uit. Het is voorjaarsvakantie. Zelf gaan we in mei met de camper op uit. Veel plezier. Liefs en Dikke tuut.
  2. Tjalling en Tytsje:
    22 februari 2017
    Hai, einlikes wer in reactie fan us, no it liket der goed winter! Jimme hiene in moaie jierdei?
    De tiid hald gjin skoft, it is al wer de leaste wike fan februaris!
    Us Durk wurd snein 30!
    Hjir is alles goed, gjin griep en gjin echte winter.
    Wy meistje it us drok mei genietsjen en om dat te kinnen werke we allebeide fan tiid tot tiid.
    Wy probearre de wereld brân sa no en dan efkes te forjitten.
    Hawwe jimme ek lest fan de wereldse unrest?
    Ype en Trientsje blieuw genetsjen en tot it folgjende ferhaal.