Celebrating Christmas and have a good time with family (English)

21 februari 2017 - Hot Springs, Arkansas, Verenigde Staten

Cozy reunion with the family.Everything is already in Christmasfinery.In the beginning of december we take care ocouple of days with there oldest daughter in Cleveland.They showered us with 5 december presents a St Nikolaas  poem, socks, wine and so on.We enjoyed Byke (race Stabij) stayin with usmaking long walks.playing in the snow and the other dogs.His place in the motorhome is like our dogs before laying under the table,but sometimes he likes the chair to,to heve a better vieuw.The days passed by and after a week they picked him up again and after having tea we say goodbeye again to Albert and Martha.Our propane tanks are almost empty ,but we found a place near by where they fill them up easily.There is a repair shop next to the gasstation so we make planns to have an oilchange and replacement of the fiters(we brought them over from Europe)in Januari. Now we have time to buy the christmas gifts so we visit several shops and shopping malls.24 th december we did some baking for Christmas and in the evening some relatives came over to visit Henri and his wife,Andy and Mary,Dick and Sue.Later Sarah and Tyler and Kati and Mike came over to stay for the night.Next day ready for the presents but Karri and Ched let us waiting ,so we had to rush to unpack the presents ,so we even didn't see wat everybody gets.At one oClock Christmas dinner with traditional stuffed Turkey and  Ham with smashed potatoes,broccoli,carrots,maize,and peas,together with various sauces .As desert jelly pudding and pie and icecream.There is enough food so everybody could fillup there foodcontainers or a doggy bag for taking home.Even after that we est a couple of days the left overs.For our birthday we gave each other tickets for Shen Yun (Chinese authentic folkloric dance and music show; you can google it)The performance is on 30 th december in the Hamilton Theater and  Bert and Connie are our private taxi drivers for the night.We have seats on the balcony ,a good spot to see the performance and indeed it was marvellous how they came (flying) up and off the stageand have dances " telling a story " from various parts of China.Shen Yun a must if you are able to see.On 31 th december our birthday and had two gift cards from the Mandarin as presents.Dick and Sue and Gina her sister in law invited us for Lobster and Scallops dinner at their place in Cambridge.We had a lot of fun because we had no proper tools to attack the Lobster,but with the help a pair of scissors we got to the delicious meat.'Thanks Dick Sue and Gina for the company and great dinner.At 11 oçlock we were back in Dundas and play some cards with Bert and Connie .At twelve we celebrated Happy New Year with Champagne.Later on before we went to bed we make a phone call to Holland to wish Germ and Henny (Trijntsjes relatives ) to wish Germ Happy birthday and the whole family Happy New Year.The first weeks of Januari cleaning the house and tide up the Chrismas stuff.Spending some days relaxing,having a swim or making a hike.Gina and Sue came over having lunch and 8 th of januari the four of us visit Niagara Falls by night.'We had dinner in the tower to see from there all the lights .Even the Christmas lights were there so we made a little tour  to see them.It was a nice finish for Gina because next day she flys back to Edminton.The last weeks before we leave we spend our days shoveling snow, visiting family,making hikes Monarch trail and parts of the Bruce trail.,swimming and preparing our next trip to the South of USA.Had several good times with Andy and Mary,Visit them together with Bert and Connie to have ribs over there .Another time we visit  to have dinner and Andy  showed us the school and how they teach the children working in metal,wood cars and electronics,a school system comparing our "Ambacht " school.For kids who are no Albert Einsteins but good with there hands,so to learn a desent job.Later on we visit the Dutch bakery to buy some really good bread,the best we had here in Canada.We visit Titi  twice in Hamilton and drink coffee with her in a smal restaurant.We talked a lot about the past and future and times flies very fast.The christmas card send by Durk and Thea makes a worlfd trip also, visiting Canada and USA before it came two months later back to Holland.13 th februari we are ready to leave .Say thanks to Bert and Connie for there good care and hospitallity...Shovelled enough snow for now; Florida here we come


2 Reacties

  1. Titi:
    22 februari 2017
    Hooray, I got mentioned! :D It was nice to see you. Have a good trip en oan 't sjen!
  2. Julia:
    23 februari 2017
    Hallo luitjes,
    Zo te lezen zijn jullie de feestdagen goed doorgekomen in Canada en hadden jullie het winterse weer wat wij amper gehad hebben. Het is maar een paar keer even kort wit geweest. Verder alles goed hier. Uit jullie verhaal begrepen dat jullie nu weer zuidwaarts gaan. Heel veel reisplezier.
    Groetjes Julia en Jelle