The secret of Roswell. (English )

20 maart 2017 - Harlingen, Texas, Verenigde Staten

20 februari. We left Stuttgart to go to Pine Bluff and Hotsprings. Here we filled our tanks with hot springwater. That night we stayed near Hot Springs Village. In the evening  a police man visit and say keep your door and windows locked, there are strange people overhere. And yes next morning at 7.00 a.m. someone knocked at the door for toiletpapier. We travel Jesseville to Ola and filled up diesel, here a local cafe and we ordered some fastfood, with  bread, chicken, mushrooms, rice, 2 plates only 14 dollar.and we take a doggy bag for the leftovers. Our next stop is Mena and we checked our a.mail. On recommendation from a local inhabitant. We take the way trough the winding Star Mountains and a part of the forest was named after Queen Wilhelmina. We make the beautiful trip with very nice mountains views and Trijntsje cut my hair on a guiet parking spot. We ended that day in Hugo a nice spot at the church parking, the lady from the church told us about the history. They like to give the place the name Victor as the French writer Victor Hugo but there were to many city's with the name Victor, so it was called Hugo. We had to visit the Old Train Depot which is a museum nowerdays. Very interesting museum, much to see and tells about the history  of the railroad and about  the Choctaw indians. There are still 5 circus family 's staying the wintertime in Hugo. Some hours later we visit the graveyard to see the graves of the circusartiesten and some of famous  Rodeo Cowboys  (girls) who have there own spot there also. After we cross the border of Texas  the first place we stopped is Paris. So we make a picture off their Eiffeltower. We spent that afternoon a couple hours at Cooper lake and overnight and did some shopping in Cooper. Next day a part of route 66 to Dallas.  It's a busy  metropolen with a lot of flyovers.  Even our GPS was confused,  but at the end it brought us to Forth  Worth a more quiet part of the city. Here we stayed for a night see the Big Horn Cattle Drive Stockyard. And visit a local store where they make cowboy boots by hand. They sell boots from 3000,00 till 6000,00 depends the kind of leather, cow, snake, elephant, alligator, rhino and some others. Depending the decoration it costs 6 months or more for 1 pair of good fitting boots. Next day we take some more pictures of the corrals and the turnaround of the trainlocs. We take the back roads to Snyder and on our way alternately grass (farms) ,cows,forest and cotton fields. And in the fields cactussen. Everywhere  oilmachines. In this area a lot of dead java line's  ( feral hogs). Today is Famke's grandchild  birthday  so we wish her Happy  Birthday and skypen for more than a hour. We passed  Big Spring and in St.Andrews was a watermill so we could fill up all our water tanks. The nature over here seems to be like the Inland of Spain except the Oil pumps everywhere. On our way to Artesia  we saw some Sandhill Crane Birds. In thus place was a Oil Raffinery and everything smells oil. We make here some pictures at the library (books) and from the first drilling. But our destiny is Roswell to visit the Alien  museum ( Roswell incident 1947). The story tells about a farmer/cowboy who find strange pieces off metal on his property.  He told the sheriff about this and a couple of hours later the whole area was closed by the  army and in  the beginning they told, it were the rests of a flying saucers but in the second edition, they told it was a weather balloon and everybody who worked on the project ( to clean the area) and till the day where not allowed to speak about it anymore. Soldiers crew who inspected the area with planes, doctors, nurses had oath of secrecy. It's still a secret. Mystery of Roswell. In Roswell an other scientist named Robert Goddart  (1882-1945) tested his own rockets powered trough liquid fuel. This was the forerunner of the first jets.