Round trip to Northwest Territories (English)

21 oktober 2016 - Whitehorse, Canada

After spending a month with our daughter and friend in Madrid we fly back with Condor from Frankfurt  (Germany) to Whitehorse. It was very clear so we saw the IJsselmeer ( big lake in Holland, the Dike  (32 KM ) road trough the oceaan and Texel, one of the island in the north. The plane is almost empty because it's the last flight this season for Condor to Whitehorse. We were lucky to see Greenland  the icebergs, glaciers, bleu lakes and rivers floating trough the white world. Like a fairytale so beautiful. Above Northwest Territories it's like our Waddensea, grey, mountains and bleu or green lakes.Above Yukon when see our moterhome standing in the storage. As we landed the custom and border wasn't a problem,  we take a cab to the storage and everything in the moterhome was alright. Next day we take water,diesel,gas and did some shopping and hit the road again. We take the Canol Road till Ross River and take the Campbell Highway to Watson Lake. Two hunters shoot a moose and take it home 1200 pound meat so the bull should be about 1700 pounds. Ross River is a native village and has a ferry over the Perry River mostly used by hunters in the hunting season. We cross the river to make a walk to the crossing of the Perry and Ross River. In earlier years the village was on this site of the river but the moved to the other site. But still there was old buildings. On our way we saw a Prairie Crocus normal they growing in May. We went back to the village over the closed running bridge. This was used in earlier years to carry a oil pipeline to transport oil from Norman  Wells to the raffinery  in Whitehorse. On our way to Watson Lake we see a caribou and a porcupine. Before Watson Lake the were busy at the road and we had to drive,very slippery, swampy Sandford for about 3 km. On our way to Fort Nelson we visit the Liard Hotsprings and take a sulfid bath. In Fort Nelson we did some shopping before we take the Liard Highway to Fort  Liard. It's 200 km gravelroad  till Checkpoint where we take the Mackenzie  Highway. The road was boring, flat and at both sides forest. The only nice thing where the bosons with calves,first a few and later on complete herds of more than 20 animals. In Enterprice was no free wifi so we went to Hay River but it wasn't there either. At the information centre was a dumpstation  so we take fresh drinking water. On our way way to High Level we visit the Louise en and Alexandra Falls. And make a walk between them. We follow our way to Dawson Creek and the landscape is changing, more mountains,rivers and canyons. This place is "milepost O" of the Alaska Highway. They have beautiful wallpaintings of earlier years so we make a walk in the city. We make the bypass to Tumbler Ridge and see a black bear. That night we stayed at the river near Chetwynd. Here we met All, he stayed a couple of years at the Riverside in a old fifth wheel. His brother should take him away next week,before the snow would arrive to stay behind his house in Prince George. Het showed us the area along the Riverside. And the best place for hunting or fishing. In front of our moterhome we have 2 beavers. Next day, early we had some coffee with All in our moterhome, he had a cold night. After we say goodbye. Chetwynd is famous for the International Woodcarving Festival, the carvers came from all over the world from Japan to Sweden and you see the wooden statues all over the place. At Byoux Falls we get some company of a Steller Jay and a butterfly.  In Williams lake we visit the information centre. Here is in spring the biggest Stampede of Canada. In front the information centre is a big wheelchair so we are trying out. In Cache Creek we like to take the 99 to Whisler  but the road was destroyed by floods, so we had to take the 92 from Lytton.  This route along the Frazer River is called the Canadian Arizona. The landscape looks very dry. The mountains have some bushes. The route was beautiful.